• Endodontic Treatments (Root Canals)

    An endodontic treatment is done on the inside of the tooth when it becomes inflamed or infected. This treatment is more commonly referred to as a root canal and the procedure is done to save the tooth. There have been major advancements in endodontics in recent years. Teeth that would have had to be pulled just a few years ago can now be rescued. If treating the infection on the inside of the tooth doesn’t work the patient can undergo endodontic surgery to save their tooth. There is a hollow space inside teeth where the pulp chamber lies. The pulp’s main purpose is to maintain the health of the tooth. Root canals inside the tooth lead up to the pulp chamber and in the center is where the nerve tissue runs. Over the years myths have developed as to how painful and dangerous having a root canal is, but these have been extremely exaggerated. The truth is having a root canal is no more painful than getting a filling.