• Cosmetic Dentistry

    Studies have shown that a person’s first impression is greatly improved, personal and professional lives are enhanced, and overall confidence and self-esteem are markedly increased when they have a beautiful smile. Dr. Hopewell offers a wide-range of cosmetic dental options. Whether simply wishing to replace those old and unattractive amalgam (silver) fillings with composite fillings, or wishing to make major changes to your smile – we can give you the care and choices you need to make the best decision for you and your budget! Please take a look at the wonderful results you too can experience:

  • White Composite Fillings

    Do you feel self-conscious about your black fillings? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh so no one notices them? There is no reason to continue living this way when you can have natural looking white fillings instead. For the past few years composites have been made with high-tech plastic material very closely matching natural teeth. You can have your ugly black fillings replaced with composite fillings that match the color of your natural teeth. A single “Direct Composite” filling can be done in just one visit to your dentist at David W. Hopewell DDS PLLC. Composite fillings are perfect for small restorations.

  • Crowns

    Crowns are meant to protect the part of the tooth that is seen above the gum line. They are placed there to strengthen the tooth or to enhance its appearance or size. They are also used to secure a bridge or dental implant. There are a quite few different kinds of crowns available, each serving a specific purpose. Our Edmonds dentist can advise you on whether or not you will need a crown depending on the type of treatment you are receiving. Often a temporary crown is put in place until the permanent crown is made. Crowns are made of different substances such as porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, metal or resin.

  • Porcelain veneers

    Porcelain veneers are customized restorations made of a ceramic material very similar to teeth. These thin veneers are placed on the surface of a tooth to provide a cosmetic solution for a number of different problems including:

    • Unevenly aligned teeth
    • Chipped or cracked teeth
    • Worn tooth enamel
    • Unevenly spaced teeth

    Dental veneers are considered a cosmetic dental procedure because they can create beautiful even white teeth perfectly shaped for a gorgeous bright smile. Today’s porcelain veneers offer a much more natural appearance than veneers in the past ever did. It doesn’t really matter what the cause of unattractive teeth are, with dental veneers most or perhaps all of them can be solved with porcelain veneers. Your dentist at David W. Hopewell DDS PLLC in Edmonds is equipped to provide you with the latest in custom-made porcelain veneers, giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed about.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants are used to replace a lost tooth or teeth. When people lose a tooth due to injury or disease they are often embarrassed about their appearance. Sometimes their speech or smile is adversely affected. It the tooth loss causes an irregular bite this can lead to other problems, even malnutrition. Tooth loss may also be caused by excessive wear and tear, gum disease or congenital defects. Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, you can discuss with your Edmonds dentist whether or not a dental implant would be a good option for you.

  • Dental Bridges

    Dental bridges are another option for replacing missing teeth. When someone has one or more missing teeth it can affect their bite, cause surrounding teeth to shift, change their smile, cause symptoms of TMJ and even speech impediments. If this goes on over a period of time the wear and tear on your remaining teeth can cause health problems. There are many different kinds of bridges available to remedy this problem.

    Your Edmonds dentist will most likely need to reshape your surrounding teeth in order to fit your bridge. Once that’s done a crown is placed over the reshaped teeth, which will then be connected to an artificial tooth. To replace front teeth a resin-bonded bridge us normally used. This can only be done if the surrounding gums and teeth are strong and healthy without a lot of fillings. A resin-bonded bridge doesn’t require a lot of preparation for the adjacent teeth.

    Your dentist at David W. Hopewell DDS PLLC can create a dental bridge for you, which will improve your confidence as it transforms your smile.

  • Teeth Whitening

    There are many options for whitening your teeth available on the market today, aside from your dental office. There are over-the-counter whitening strips, toothpastes with whitening ingredients as well as bleaching systems. Any of these may work to give you a beautiful white smile, but this isn’t going to happen anywhere near as fast as it would if you had your teeth whitened professionally.